A new chance to renew the functioning of your own self-healing system From this point forward, you are not in this alone.

Body regeneration and reconditioning, or rather vitalization.

These processes take place at our business by way of I-CH-C and ID regenerators. These exceptional devices are able to (in just a few minutes) positively influence a person‘s bio magnetic field, thus activating the body’s automatic self-healing and energetic processes. This takes place due to a very sophisticated impact on the circulation of blood, the immune system, energy pathways (meridians), energy points not located on energy pathways and other bodily fluids. It is well-known that sickness is a symptom of unbalance in the organism. Our services introduce a new unique method of readjusting an organism’s energy balance in a natural way and without the use of medicaments.

Some of the results of our therapies include the remedy of migraines,  recurrent headaches, muscle tension, spasms,pain in the musco-skeletal system, joints, lower back, and the spine (the equipment has an analgesic effect), the remedy of causeless insomnia and fatigue, as well as ensuring energy balance and strengthening the immune system.It also has an excellent effect on inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome), as well as in cases of unspecified chest pains or low/high blood pressure. I-CH-C and ID regenerators also significantly help speed up the process of a person’s health state normalization after cerebral and cardiac events and other complicated conditions. They are also a great help in eliminating local inflammatory processes, which can be accompanied by pain.

The mental state of a person is also another important field where our devices are effective.  This is done by way of eliminating apathetic states, such as distress, stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, during which a person doesn’t have an“appetite for life“. They help with reducing hypersensitivity and aggression and positively influence states such as depression, various phobias, and burnout,while also sustaining positive emotions, relieving moodiness, and bringing peace back to a person’s mental state. A person thus feels greater relief, peace and calm, while also feeling less fatigue and more vitality.

Conditional harmonization

Conditional harmonization is primarily targeted towards people that are not in the treatment process of serious health problems, and are thus relatively healthy and actively implement meaningful processes into their daily lives that are aimed at maintaining, regenerating or revitalizing their body. Balancing energy flows in the body has also become a primary objective for relatively healthy individuals, as they also undergo daily disruptions and disharmonization via our surroundings, which includes a number of electric appliances, internet net works or GPS repeaters. Unfortunately, our organism is not able to harmonize these disruptions on its own, as we are unable to get ourselves out of these surroundings. The important thing is that a person will immediately feel the effects of the therapy and the changes it brings him/her – it is an automatic process that we, as the personnel of our studio, have absolutely no impact on.

Therapeutic regeneration

Therapeutic regeneration is related to the solution of a specific health problem, on the basis of verification inputs which are carried out with the help of specific devices, named DELTA SCAN and AURA SCAN, as well as with the help of a necessary personal consultation. These steps allow both us and our client to have a complete look into processes currently taking place in the body. With this, we are able to designate the most precise therapeutic regeneration procedure, which is of course measurable and verifiable.

Therapy and services:Price:
BIOFIELD HARMONIZATION / armchair/rest chair25,00 €
CONTROLLED BIOFIELD HARMONIZATION / armchair rest chair 35,00 €
INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM / reconditioning (40 – 50 min.) 45,00 €
INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION (each full or partial hour) 25,00 €
KANYLA (in cases of simultaneous free oxygen therapy use) 5,00 €
EnergyPod (special regeneration armchair) 20min. 10,00€


This price list is valid from November 1st, 2016                                                               
The prices listed include VAT

DELTA SCAN and a frequency analysis of a person’s biosystem

Delta Scan is a low frequency nonlinear quantum generator which, in a relatively short period of time, provides us with a complex and primarily non-invasive analysis of a person’s overall health state. It provides a complex look into cells,chromosomes, as well as soft and hard tissues. It is able to find inflammatory foci in individual organs. It is also able to detect the presence of parasites,bacteria, mold and viruses relatively precisely.

The DELTA SCAN device assesses the group of eddy magnetic fields in an organism with the help of changes in the wave patterns of body tissues. This same approach then allows us to verify the impact of the effect of I-CH-C and ID regenerators,which allows for a review of its effectiveness on a specific state. Delta Scan is a professional piece of equipment used in medical diagnosis and therapy and is a product made by the renowned German company DELTA TECHGMBH. This system meets the requirements of the European directive 93/42/EWG on international products (MDD).

Price List - Delta Scan – nonlinear analysis:Price
NONLINEAR ANALYSIS DS graphical output (printing of 5 A4 pages) 70,00 €
NONLINEAR ANALYSIS CHECK-UP (selected organs/structures) 15,00 €


This price list is valid from November 1st, 2016                                                               
The prices listed include VAT

AURA CAMERA 6000 and biomagnetic aura analysis

The Aura Camera 6000 provides us with a high quality virtual bio-magnetic field scan of a person, with the goal of verifying the results of regeneration application. These results are also shown in graphic form. It focuses primarily on energy centers from the perspective of their quantity and quality. Thanks to this exceptional piece of technology, we are able to find weaker places of energy potential in the scanned organism.

The Aura Camera 6000 allows for a look into our subtle body structures. The final result is the creation of a virtual aura picture, i.e. a scan ofa person’s bio field. This tells us quite a bit about the energy aspects of a person on a physical, as well as psychosomatic and mental level. The original picture is also complemented with a graphic output in A4 format, which shows us the current state of torsion centers(chakras) from both the quality and quantity of energy in a person’s body.

Price List - Aura Camera 6000 – biomagnetic aura analysisPrice
AURA CAMERA 6000 print output30,00 €
AURA VIDEO print output15,00 €
CONTROL AURA VIDEO before and after therapy with a printed output and results27,00 €
CONTROL AURA VIDEO without a print output5,00 €


This price list is valid from November 1st, 2016                                                               
The prices listed include VAT