Aside from specific services, STUDIO IQ provides their potential business partners, aswell as end users, the following products:

ID CUBE regenerator

This device is primarily aimed at providing services in specially modified studies, but is also appropriate for home use. ID CUBE is a magnetic aid that belongs to the group of ID (Imaging Device) devices and is industrially protected in the entire EU area. It generates a routing magnetic field in cases of direct exposure, while working in a local and direct way to affect tissues and make any necessary changes in cell processes in the exposed area.The ID CUBE showcases its effect mainly when helping to release stress, improve limb mobility, stimulate breathing and stimulate organism performance. Anybody who is interested in procuring this regenerator can do so directly in our studio byway of an order and subsequent buy. Complete information about the equipment in our facilities, as well as the qualification of our expert personnel and marketing assistance can be acquired in our office, as a part of our services.

ID-TE regenerator (Imaging-Device Titan Edition)

The ID-TE regenerator design is based on the Classic of Changes (I-Ching). The device creates an interaction between the biological systems and bio-magnetic fields of living organisms. Unlike conventional magnet therapy devices, the ID-TE regenerator does not use local exposition, but rather magnetic induction as theenergy source of the signal, which is then transmitted into the organism. The ID-TE regenerator device vitalizes and harmonizes cells in select areas of the body, while also affecting the iractivity- removes energy blocks- improves immune system activity-helps regulate inflammatory processes- eliminates stress, fatigue and insomnia and has a positive effect on the psyche- stifles pain in the body- serves as complementary therapy in cases of difficult-to-heal diseases

This multifunctional device was primarily developed for professional, but also home use. This means, that they can not only be used in special studies but also in a mobile way, e.g. in the home setting of people whose health status doesn’t allow them to come to a professional studio.

After completing a short briefing with a qualified member of our staff and thanks to the programming set that is included with the regenerator, ID-TE regenerator therapy can be applied in a home setting. Customized settings are also possible, thanks to 4096different settings and an automatic mode. However, it is also possible to use the manual mode (only for experienced users). The ID-TE device can be used on botha vertical and horizontal level.

EnergyPod –the first luxury regeneration chair (now with commercial representation in the Slovak Republic)

 device was specially developed for the maximum possible regeneration of the human body throughout the operational, a.k.a. daily schedule. It is the first specially modified chair in the world, thanks to which renowned companies such as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK or MICROSOFT are able to provide their TOP managers with the luxury of a quick and quality “recharge“ that is founded upon numerous past research regarding the quality of performance of the human body.


Zero-gravity position – specially composed sleep music – a slight vibrational sequence for waking up – programmed lighting. The TOP aspects and characteristics of the exceptional EnergyPod device, which was created to help you relax.


The EnergyPod was developed according to a simple principle: a 20 minute nap is beneficial for peace of mind and productivity. Software functions include a state indicator, which communicates when the EnergyPod device can be used again, as well as usage tracking for optimization of operation management.


Though our device’s main goal is to provide adequate rest in the workplace or during specific studies, it must also have certain aesthetic aspects, independent of where the device is. This is why we have developed this stylish and timeless design. The classic EnergyPod comes in a white and grey color combination. However, it is possible to request a custom color combination that will best suit the environment that you plan to use the device in.