STUDIO IQ s.r.o. was founded in 2016, with a goal of realizing and being an umbrella for a program called I-CHING-CUBE. The meaning and design of this name comes from a concept of a 3D representation of the Classic of Changes (l-Ching). 

The original company was founded in 2010 by the owners of international industrial property rights (patents and design), and was called Hexagram display, which gave the company international potential for the realization of its program in the most significant global markets (EU, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada and Switzerland). Its future goal is to realize the company’s concept in the full range of its possible uses. The current use of the Hexagram display concept is a harmonizer of bio energetic processes in a person with a side effect of gradual negation of inadequate magnetic field syndrome.

Our program consists of the following activities:

  1. Providing regeneration and reconditioning services to clients by way of unique devices,such as the I-CH-C (I-CHING-CUBE) regenerator and the ID regenerator(Imaging-Device, or Hexagram display).
  2. Distribution of commercial devices (ID regenerator, EnergyPod) and consultancy service provision in regards to their use.
  3. Renting of study devices (ICHC regenerator), which includes the provision of all equipment, personnel training and marketing assistance. 


Our help usually begins where other’s ends. This is why our mission is to provide informational and technical background of the utmost quality, which can only be achieved by constant education, inspiration of the current state of your needs on the road to a healthier personal potential and, last but not least,a personal desire to help. We don’t give or give back health, nor do we or our devices heal illnesses. However, we have a much higher and more effective potential. By cooperating with us,we are able to restore the function of the “self-healing mechanism“, which is found in the body of every living being on Earth, to its maximum possible level.

We are able to help you come back to basic life principles, which are necessary in restoring this gift and mechanism we were born with. The greatest miracle in life is certainly nature. If we are willing to once again live in accordance with it, it will do all it can to ensure that we live our life in a content way, free of disease, medicine, pain and a premature departure from this world.

So please allow us to bring you along this journey. With the help of many current studies and experience, we can show you what is still possible :-)


Our services are primarily based on cooperation with worldwide leaders in the irgiven fields, which we concentrate into one whole. This cooperation pertains to primarily nutritional and clinical nutrition, as well as sophisticated and one-of-a-kind technology such as ICHC & ID devices, as well as the unique EnergyPod device. In the global perspective of people‘s health, we are still interested in making connections for the maximum fulfillment of our mission, which is to help people in the most natural and effective way possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us in case you see a possibility in cooperating to bring quality services to others.